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Selling Your Home

Mobile Housing of Texas is happy to sell your home as a broker for a flat fee and provide you with a worry free environment in which to sell your home. We will market your home to all of our client’s, complete all necessary paperwork to assist in the sale and transfer of your SOL/Title to the buyer, assist the buyer with finding and negotiating a price with a towing/installation company to move the mobile home off of your lot or land, and there is no cost to you if we don’t sell your home! Once we do sell your home we will deduct our fee from the sales price of your home and you will receive the net proceeds per our contract from the sale of your home.

IMPORTANT: Prices paid for NEW mobile homes include Towing & Installation, AC & Installation, Kitchen Appliances & factory warranty, and may also include, decking, & skirting on select NEW homes ask your sales representative for information on special offers. Pre-owned and repossessed USED homes are sold as-is. All mobile home listings subject to change without notice.