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Financing Options

In-House/Factory Financing Option:

For US Citizens:

With a minimum of 15% or $4,000 down whichever is greater on primary residences only, you may qualify for long term financing for up to 20 years, your interest rate is determined by your FICO credit score and the percent of down payment and will range between 9.9% and 16.9%. This is in-house financing and a great way to get the home of your dreams with a very low monthly payment, no credit, bad credit, and no social security numbers are OK! Call (832) 306-3622 to see if you qualify.

For Non-US citizens:

With a minimum of 15% to 20% down payment on primary residences we can finance any non-US citizen for up to 20 years with a valid foreign identification, and a current employment.  Interest rates range from 11.9% to 16.9%, no credit, bad credit, and no social security numbers are OK!


Bank Financing Option:
This financing option is provided by an outside third party lender that requires a much smaller down payment, but will require a full credit check with a minimum 575 credit score and finance charges may apply. This option is a loan that you will apply for at your bank, or one of our mobile home specialty lenders, once you are approved by your bank or our lender they will wire us the money required to purchase the home of your choice based on our mutually agreed upon purchase agreement.

IMPORTANT: Prices paid for NEW mobile homes include Towing & Installation, AC & Installation, Kitchen Appliances & factory warranty, and may also include, decking, & skirting on select NEW homes ask your sales representative for information on special offers. Pre-owned and repossessed USED homes are sold as-is. All mobile home listings subject to change without notice.